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Capture any text on your Mac's screen

Works also directly with images and PDF files and allows exporting searchable PDFs.
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Designed for MacOS 11
Compatible with MacOS 10.15+.

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How does it work?

Glad you asked. Couldn't be easier.

Easy and instant.

1. Press Cmd+F1 or select screen capture from the menubar.
2. Select area on screen.
3. Paste text (Cmd+V) anywhere.
Optical Character Recognition is used to extract text from the screen area.

The processing is done right on your Mac for near instantenous results.
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Secure and private.

Your screenshots and files never leave your machine.

The text recognition algorithm that is used has been developed by Apple and is a part of your MacOS operating system and is only run on your device.

We never ask for or require any of your personal information or your data.

Drag and drop file support.

OwlOCR is the only app for the Mac that will allow you to input via screenshots, image or PDF files or even using your iOS device camera.

Export searchable PDFs.

Any inputs can be exported to searchable PDFs.

1. Drag and drop the non-searchable files into OwlOCR - or take screenshots / iOS scans.
2. Run text recognition and export.
3. Exported PDF includes invisible text layers that can be searched by most PDF readers.

Less typing, more smiling

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MacOS 10.15 Catalina or newer required


Free Forever

  • Unlimited high quality text recognition on-device securely and incredibly fast
  • Grab a screen area for instant OCR and results copied to clipboard
  • Grab multiple areas of your screen for instant OCR and concatenated results copied to clipboard
  • Drag and drop documents to the app to convert to text
  • OCR page-by-page in multi-page documents
  • Take a photo or scan documents with your iOS device, directly from the app
  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + F1 (configurable) for a screen grab
  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + F2 (configurable) for multiple screen grabs
  • Notifications when OCR is complete
  • Input filetypes supported: PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • Language support under MacOS 11: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Language support under MacOS 10.15: English.
  • Customization options like menubar only appearance.
  • Dark Mode, MacOS Big Sur supported


$8.99 $5.99 Lifetime License


  • All Core Features
  • Batch OCR multi-page PDFs or multiple images files in a single fast run, using all your CPU cores
  • Multiple screenshot feature up to 20 concatenated screenshots
  • Three week trial automatically with no signup required
  • Feel awesome for supporting an indie Mac developer!